Friday, March 20, 2015

Time to color!

So I need to share a great product that we love over here. Recently, I posted some new placemats that I created. I mentioned these placemats are great for playdoh and also writing fun as well (they are dry erase!) They can practice writing their name, letters or just scribble;)

Well, we recently came across dry erase crayons and we LOVE them over here. They.are.great. You may already know about them (maybe I'm behind..could very well be.) I bought these a few months ago at Hobby Lobby but never tried them. How's that for impulse buy?! Anyway, I hauled them out while we were playing with our placemats the other day and they worked out perfectly. Wipe right off and don't leave any residue. Also good to note, I usually use baby wipes to wipe off dry erase marker because I always have them around and they work so good.

If you have these placemats, or other dry erase tools, I thought I would pass the fun along! If I'm behind and you all know about these, it's ok, I'm cool with being the only one excited about dry erase crayons.

If you're interested in grabbing a placemat from me, just check out the "placemat" page to the right and let me know what one(s) you like the best.  They go for $12 OR 2 or more, for $10 a piece. If you want your little ones name on the placemat, I do offer custom ones for $15. They are nice and sturdy and measure 11x17.  I've heard of a couple people that are putting them in their kiddos Easter basket, great idea! I haven't thought that far, please tell me I'm not alone! Time to get on that;)

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