Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Items!

So I've been playing around lately and coming up with some new items. I'm working on a new Celebration Calendar as well as an "Oh Baby!" Emergency Pack right now and I will post those when I am finished with them (hopefully soon!)

I've had some requests for blank designs, so here are some that I've finished recently. I hope you enjoy them.  These blank cards can also be made into wall prints and would look striking with a nice thick mat around them. Don't you think? Spring is in the air so hello poppy, tangerine and rose color hues! 

Below are some cards that will be included in an 8 card coordinating set. There are two more of the congrats design that say "thank you" and "welcome", one more blank leaves design, and one more stripe design that says "hello" making an Emergency Pack of 8 coodinating cards.

Here are some 8x10 prints that would nicely finish off a kitchen wall. They can be made with any color scheme. I'm always looking for kitchen wall art, outside of the coffee cups and wine bottle designs that seem to flood the market! I am working on some more kitchen wall art and if you're interested, come back soon to see them.

8x10 print

8x10 print
8x10 print

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to have another Celebration Calendar and a Baby Themed Emergency Pack finished soon. Stay tuned!

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